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Geir Jordahl

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"I create images that exist between the physical, photographic reality and my perceived reality."

Geir Jordahl searches for photographs from the highlands of northern Scotland to the ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula. Photographing with a Widelux, a panoramic wide field camera which approximates the 140 degree vision of the human eye, Jordahl creates imagery that exists between the physical reality of a landscape setting and his perceived reality. Using his emotional and visceral responses to the world as guides and film sensitive to invisible infrared light as a catalyst, Jordahl presents a vision that is in fact, spiritual.

Geir Jordahl believes that working in black and white photography extends his poetic license beyond that of color photography. Black and white film lends itself to a large arena of manipulation whereas shooting in color is more limiting to that which is already existing in reality. Jordahl's use of infrared film and the Widelux camera enables him to enter into the world of surrealism. His works flatten out what we know to be perceived reality. An overall "graininess" that is inherent in the infrared film brings to his work an other-worldliness.

Jordahl instinctively searches for emotional landscapes where the human and the natural meet and merge. Upon choosing a location, Jordahl relies upon his feelings to guide his eye and his Widelux lens. Our human field of vision is equal to that of the wide lens. What Jordahl does is flattens out what is real to create emotionally empowered images.

A travel bug, Jordahl loves to explore new places. With the speed and accessibility of modern travel, the whole world is his shooting ground and intuition, and spiritual instinct are his compass. "With tight, precise and ultimately intuitive compositions, I lead my viewers on a visual journey. I see in Widelux, and in my images, each element is in it's quintessential place and each composition is complete within itself."