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James Crable

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"My purpose is to record the interaction of people with their environment and to create diversity in an otherwise repetitious presentation."

James Crable's photo collage series "People and Architecture" places people in relationship to their urban architectural environment. The artist creates vibrant, almost mesmerizing images by collaging color photographs of the same architectural structure at various time intervals, showing different people moving in and out of the same backdrop. Within these large color photographs, geometric patterns are formed by the repetitive spaces, and there exists a seemingly endless journey for the people photographed within them.

Crable's deceptively simple work embodies a number of technical and aesthetic variables. Trained as a painter, his collages address a variety of formal concerns. Regarding his novel approach, Crable writes, "Texture, color, scale and movement are the elements which I employ. Each work is meant to be viewed in its entirety as an overall pattern, with the eye free to wander in rapid scan, to pick out the geometric structure of the composition. Precise movement, muted color and variation are key factors in my work. The figures add excitement and color. They serve to echo the movements created by light and shadow changes in the architectural facades." Crable's works are included in the fine art collections of numerous museums and corporations throughout the United States