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Jerry Uelsmann

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"I have gradually confused photography with life."

Uelsmann is a brilliant technician who can print a half-dozen negatives in a single sheet of paper with such seamless precision that the result seems to be a simple record of a complex dream; he has an excellent graphic sense and he takes genuine intuitive delight in the ambiguity of visual form. He is considered to be the modern master of this extremely difficult process.

Jerry Uelsmann continues to amaze the viewer with his unique vision of "surreality." Uelsmann's fairyland of dreams, nightmares and fantasies comes to life with alarming clarity. Uelsmann's juxtaposition of images can be humorous as well - flamingoes wading at the base of Half Dome at Yosemite; a sea lion floundering upon a kitchen table. His imagination today is as fruitful and intriguing as when he began seriously photographing over twenty-five years ago.